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1    bankruptcy, breakdown, collapse, crackup     (informal)   crash, damage, decay, defeat, destitution, destruction, devastation, disintegration, disrepair, dissolution, downfall, failure, fall, havoc, insolvency, nemesis, overthrow, ruination, subversion, the end, undoing, Waterloo, wreck, wreckage  
2    bankrupt, break, bring down, bring to nothing, bring to ruin, crush, defeat, demolish, destroy, devastate, impoverish, lay in ruins, lay waste, overthrow, overturn, overwhelm, pauperize, raze, shatter, smash, total     (slang)   trash     (slang)   wreak havoc upon, wreck  
3    blow     (slang)   bodge     (informal)   botch, cock up     (Brit. slang)   damage, disfigure, fuck up     (offensive taboo slang)   injure, make a mess of, mangle, mar, mess up, screw up     (informal)   spoil, undo  
,       n   creation, preservation, success, triumph, victory  
      vb   build, construct, create, enhance, enrich, improve, keep, mend, preserve, repair, restore, save, start, strengthen, submit to, succumb to, support, surrender to, yield to  
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  ( ruins    plural & 3rd person present)   ( ruining    present participle)   ( ruined    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   To ruin something means to severely harm, damage, or spoil it.  
My wife was ruining her health through worry...      V n  
2       verb   To ruin someone means to cause them to no longer have any money.  
She accused him of ruining her financially with his taste for the high life.      V n  
3       n-uncount   Ruin is the state of no longer having any money.  
The farmers say recent inflation has driven them to the brink of ruin.     
4       n-uncount   Ruin is the state of being severely damaged or spoiled, or the process of reaching this state.  
The vineyards were falling into ruin...     
5       n-plural   The ruins of something are the parts of it that remain after it has been severely damaged or weakened.  
the N of n  
The new Turkish republic he helped to build emerged from the ruins of a great empire...     
6       n-count   Theruins of a building are the parts of it that remain after the rest has fallen down or been destroyed.  
usu pl  
One dead child was found in the ruins almost two hours after the explosion...     
8    If something is in ruins, it is completely spoiled.  
in ruins      phrase   oft v-link PHR  
Its heavily-subsidized economy is in ruins...     
9    If a building or place is in ruins, most of it has been destroyed and only parts of it remain.  
in ruins      phrase   usu v-link PHR  
The abbey was in ruins...     

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! fresh flour and hot bread make the ruin of the house n.
farine fraîche et pain chaud font la ruine de la maison

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