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1    cast or weigh anchor, embark, get under way, hoist the blue peter, put to sea, set sail  
2    captain, cruise, go by water, navigate, pilot, ride the waves, skipper, steer, voyage  
3    drift, float, fly, glide, scud, shoot, skim, skirr, soar, sweep, wing  
4      (informal, with)      in or into   assault, attack, begin, belabour, fall upon, get going, get to work on, lambast(e), set about, tear into     (informal)  
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  ( sails    plural & 3rd person present)   ( sailing    present participle)   ( sailed    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   Sails are large pieces of material attached to the mast of a ship. The wind blows against the sails and pushes the ship along.  
The white sails billow with the breezes they catch.     
2       verb   You say a ship sails when it moves over the sea.  
The trawler had sailed from the port of Zeebrugge...      V prep/adv  
3       verb   If you sail a boat or if a boat sails, it moves across water using its sails.  
I shall get myself a little boat and sail her around the world...      V n prep  
For nearly two hundred miles she sailed on, her sails hard with ice...      V adv/prep  
4       verb   If a person or thing sails somewhere, they move there smoothly and fairly quickly.  
We got into the lift and sailed to the top floor...      V prep/adv  
6    When a ship sets sail, it leaves a port.  
set sail      phrase   V inflects, oft PHR prep  
Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World in the Santa Maria.     
    to sail close to the wind  
    wind   sail through      phrasal verb   If someone or something sails through a difficult situation or experience, they deal with it easily and successfully.  
While she sailed through her maths exams, he struggled...      V P n  

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line used to secure a sail when stowing it to the yard or boom, or any line used to lash items on a ship
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