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  ( channels    plural & 3rd person present)   ( channelling    present participle)   ( channelled    past tense & past participle  )
in AM, use channeling, channeled     
1       n-count; n-in-names   A channel is a television station.   (=station)  
...the only serious current affairs programme on either channel., ...the presenter of Channel 4 News.     
2       n-count   A channel is a band of radio waves on which radio messages can be sent and received.  
3       n-count   If you do something through a particular channel, or particular channels, that is the system or organization that you use to achieve your aims or to communicate.  
with supp, oft adj N, N for/of n  
The Americans recognise that the UN can be the channel for greater diplomatic activity..., Moscow and the Baltic republics are re-opening channels of communication.     
4       verb   If you channel money or resources into something, you arrange for them to be used for that thing, rather than for a wider range of things.  
Jacques Delors wants a system set up to channel funds to the poor countries...      V n prep  
5       verb   If you channel your energies or emotions into something, you concentrate on or do that one thing, rather than a range of things.  
Stephen is channelling his energies into a novel called Blue.      V n into n  
6       n-count   A channel is a passage along which water flows.  
Keep the drainage channel clear.     
7       n-count   A channel is a route used by boats.  
8       n-proper   The Channel or the English Channel is the narrow area of water between England and France.  
the N  

Channel-hopping means switching quickly between different television channels because you are looking for something interesting to watch.  
  (BRIT)      n-uncount  
in AM, use channel-surfing     
Channel-surfing is the same as channel-hopping.  
  (mainly AM)      n-uncount  
cross-Channel      , cross-channel  
Cross-Channel travel is travel across the English Channel, especially by boat.      adj   ADJ n  
...the cross-channel ferry..., Dieppe has plenty to attract cross-Channel visitors.     
shopping channel        ( shopping channels    plural  ) A shopping channel is a television channel that broadcasts programmes showing products that you can phone the channel and buy.      n-count  
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1    canal, chamber, conduit, duct, fluting, furrow, groove, gutter, main, passage, route, strait  
2      (figurative)   approach, artery, avenue, course, means, medium, path, route, way  
3    conduct, convey, direct, guide, transmit  

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