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  ( cheers    plural & 3rd person present)   ( cheering    present participle)   ( cheered    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When people cheer, they shout loudly to show their approval or to encourage someone who is doing something such as taking part in a game.,   (Antonym: boo, jeer)    The crowd cheered as Premier Wayne Goss unveiled a lifesize statue of poet Banjo Paterson...      V  
Swiss fans cheered Jakob Hlasek during yesterday's match with Courier.      V n  
...the Irish Americans who came to the park to cheer for their boys...      V for n  
Cheering crowds lined the route.      V-ing  
      Cheer is also a noun., n-count  
The colonel was rewarded with a resounding cheer from the men.     
2       verb   If you are cheeredby something, it makes you happier or less worried.   (=hearten)     (Antonym: sadden)    Stephen noticed that the people around him looked cheered by his presence...      be V-ed  
The weather was perfect for a picnic, he told himself, but the thought did nothing to cheer him.      V n  
  cheering      adj   (=heartening)     (Antonym: disheartening)    ...very cheering news...     
3       convention   People sometimes say `Cheers' to each other just before they drink an alcoholic drink.  
  (mainly BRIT, formulae)  
4       convention   Some people say `Cheers' as a way of saying `thank you' or `goodbye'.  
INFORMAL, formulae   cheer on      phrasal verb   When you cheer someone on, you shout loudly in order to encourage them, for example when they are taking part in a game.  
A thousand supporters packed into the stadium to cheer them on...      V n P  
Most will probably be cheering on their favourite players.      V P n (not pron)   cheer up             phrasal verb   When you cheer up    or when something cheers you up, you stop feeling depressed and become more cheerful.      
I think he misses her terribly. You might cheer him up...      V n P  
I wrote that song just to cheer myself up...      V pron-refl P  
Cheer up, better times may be ahead.      V P, Also V P n (not pron)  
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cheer up

brighten, buck up     (informal)   comfort, encourage, enliven, gladden, hearten, jolly along     (informal)   perk up, rally, take heart  

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