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  ( circulates    3rd person present)   ( circulating    present participle)   ( circulated    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If a piece of writing circulates or is circulated, copies of it are passed round among a group of people.  
The document was previously circulated in New York at the United Nations...      be V-ed  
Public employees, teachers and liberals are circulating a petition for his recall...      V n  
This year anonymous leaflets have been circulating in Peking.      V  
  circulation      n-uncount   usu the N of n inquiry into the circulation of `unacceptable literature'.     
2       verb   If something such as a rumour circulates or is circulated, the people in a place tell it to each other.   (=spread)  
Rumours were already beginning to circulate that the project might have to be abandoned...      V  
I deeply resented those sort of rumours being circulated at a time of deeply personal grief.      be V-ed, Also V n  
3       verb   When something circulates, it moves easily and freely within a closed place or system.  
...a virus which circulates via the bloodstream and causes ill health in a variety of organs...      V  
Cooking odors can circulate throughout the entire house.      V, Also V prep  
  circulation      n-uncount  
The north pole is warmer than the south and the circulation of air around it is less well contained., ...the principle of free circulation of goods.     
4       verb   If you circulate at a party, you move among the guests and talk to different people.  
Let me get you something to drink, then I must circulate.      V  
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1    broadcast, diffuse, disseminate, distribute, issue, make known, promulgate, propagate, publicize, publish, spread  
2    flow, gyrate, radiate, revolve, rotate  

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