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1       quant   If there is plenty of something, there is a large amount of it. If there are plenty of things, there are many of them. Plenty is used especially to indicate that there is enough of something, or more than you need.  
QUANT of n-uncount/pl-n  
There was still plenty of time to take Jill out for pizza..., Most businesses face plenty of competition..., Are there plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet?     
      Plenty is also a pronoun., pron  
I don't believe in long interviews. Fifteen minutes is plenty...     
2       n-uncount   Plenty is a situation in which people have a lot to eat or a lot of money to live on.  
FORMAL   You are all fortunate to be growing up in a time of peace and plenty.     
3       adv   You use plenty in front of adjectives or adverbs to emphasize the degree of the quality they are describing.  
INFORMAL   ADV adj/adv     (emphasis)    The water looked plenty deep..., The compartment is plenty big enough...     
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1    abundance, enough, fund, good deal, great deal, heap(s)     (informal)   lots     (informal)   mass, masses, mine, mountain(s), oodles     (informal)   pile(s)     (informal)   plethora, quantities, quantity, stack(s), store, sufficiency, volume  
2    abundance, affluence, copiousness, fertility, fruitfulness, luxury, opulence, plenitude, plenteousness, plentifulness, profusion, prosperity, wealth  

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