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  ( pluses    plural)   ( plusses    plural  )
1       conj   You say plus to show that one number or quantity is being added to another.,   (Antonym: minus)    Send a cheque for £18.99 plus £2 for postage and packing..., They will pay about $673 million plus interest.     
2       adj   Plus before a number or quantity means that the number or quantity is greater than zero.  
ADJ amount     (Antonym: minus)    The aircraft was subjected to temperatures of minus 65 degrees and plus 120 degrees.     
    plus or minus  
3       conj   You can use plus when mentioning an additional item or fact.  

There's easily enough room for two adults and three children, plus a dog in the boot...     
4       adj   You use plus after a number or quantity to indicate that the actual number or quantity is greater than the one mentioned.  
amount ADJ  
There are only 35 staff to serve 30,000-plus customers...     
5      (Antonym: minus)    Teachers use plus in grading work in schools and colleges. `B plus' is a better grade than `B', but it is not as good as `A'.  
6       n-count   A plus is an advantage or benefit.  
INFORMAL, Antonym: drawback   Experience of any career in sales is a big plus...     

A cost-plus basis for a contract about work to be done is one in which the buyer agrees to pay the seller or contractor all the cost plus a profit.      adj   ADJ n  
All vessels were to be built on a cost-plus basis.     
eleven-plus      , eleven plus  
Theeleven-plus is an exam which was taken by children in Britain at about the age of eleven, in order to decide which secondary school they should go to.  
  (BRIT)      n-sing   oft the N  
plus-fours      , plus fours  
Plus-fours are short wide trousers fastened below the knees which people used to wear when hunting or playing golf.  
OLD-FASHIONED      n-plural   also a pair of N  
plus sign        ( plus signs    plural  ) A plus sign is the sign + which is put between two numbers in order to show that the second number is being added to the first. It can also be put before a number to show that the number is greater than zero (+3), and after a number to indicate a number that is more than a minimum number or amount (18+).      n-count  
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      prep   added to, and, coupled with, with, with the addition of  
      adj   added, additional, add-on, extra, positive, supplementary  
      n     (informal)   advantage, asset, benefit, bonus, extra, gain, good point, icing on the cake, perk     (Brit. informal)   surplus  

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plus one n.
partner during an event
E.g.: Tom will be her plus one to the party.

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