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  ( plies    3rd person present)   ( plying    present participle)   ( plied    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you ply someone with food or drink, you keep giving them more of it.  
Elsie, who had been told that Maria wasn't well, plied her with food...      V n with n  
2       verb   If you ply someone with questions, you keep asking them questions.  
Giovanni plied him with questions with the intention of prolonging his stay.      V n with n  
3       verb   If you ply a trade, you do a particular kind of work regularly as your job, especially a kind of work that involves trying to sell goods or services to people outdoors.  
...the market traders noisily plying their wares...      V n  
It's illegal for unmarked mini-cabs to ply for hire.      V for n  

You use -ply after a number to indicate how many pieces are twisted together to make a type of wool, thread, or rope.      comb in adj   ADJ n  
You need 3 balls of any 4-ply knitting wool.     
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1    carry on, exercise, follow, practise, pursue, work at  
2    employ, handle, manipulate, swing, utilize, wield  
3    assail, beset, besiege, bombard, harass, importune, press, urge  

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ply          [2]  
      n   fold, layer, leaf, sheet, strand, thickness  

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