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1       adv   If something or someone is popularly known as something, most people call them that, although it is not their official name or title.  
ADV with -ed   (=commonly)  
...the Mesozoic era, more popularly known as the age of dinosaurs., ...an infection popularly called mad cow disease.     
2       adv   If something is popularly believed or supposed to be the case, most people believe or suppose it to be the case, although it may not be true.  
ADV -ed   (=commonly)  
Schizophrenia is not a `split mind' as is popularly believed...     
3       adv   A popularly elected leader or government has been elected by a majority of the people in a country.  
ADV -ed   (=democratically)  
Walesa was Poland's first popularly elected President.     
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commonly, conventionally, customarily, generally, ordinarily, regularly, traditionally, universally, usually, widely  

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