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  ( pounces    3rd person present)   ( pouncing    present participle)   ( pounced    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If someone pounceson you, they come up towards you suddenly and take hold of you.  
He pounced on the photographer, beat him up and smashed his camera...      V on/upon n  
Fraud squad officers had bugged the phone and were ready to pounce.      V  
2       verb   If someone pounceson something such as a mistake, they quickly draw attention to it, usually in order to gain an advantage for themselves or to prove that they are right.  
The Democrats were ready to pounce on any Republican failings or mistakes...      V on/upon n  
3       verb   When an animal or bird pounceson something, it jumps on it and holds it, in order to kill it.  
...like a tiger pouncing on its prey...      V on/upon n  
Before I could get the pigeon the cat pounced.      V  
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      vb   ambush, attack, bound onto, dash at, drop, fall upon, jump, leap at, snatch, spring, strike, swoop, take by surprise, take unawares  
      n   assault, attack, bound, jump, leap, spring, swoop  

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