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  ( preens    3rd person present)   ( preening    present participle)   ( preened    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If someone preensthemselves, they spend a lot of time making themselves look neat and attractive; used especially if you want to show that you disapprove of this behaviour or that you find it ridiculous and amusing.,   (disapproval)    50% of men under 35 spend at least 20 minutes preening themselves every morning in the bathroom...      V pron-refl  
Bill preened his beard.      V n  
2       verb   If someone preens, they think in a pleased way about how attractive, clever, or good at something they are.,   (disapproval)    She stood preening in their midst, delighted with the attention...      V  
He preened himself on the praise he had received.      V pron-refl on n  
...a preening prize fighter about to enter a ring.      V-ing  
3       verb   When birds preen their feathers, they clean them and arrange them neatly using their beaks.  
Rare birds preen themselves right in front of your camera.      V pron-refl, Also V, V n  
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1      (of birds)   clean, plume  
2    array, deck out, doll up     (slang)   dress up, prettify, primp, prink, spruce up, titivate, trig     (archaic or dialect)   trim  
3    preen oneself (on)      congratulate oneself, pique oneself, plume oneself, pride oneself  

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