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  ( preferences    plural  )
1       n-var   If you have a preferencefor something, you would like to have or do that thing rather than something else.  
usu N for n  
Parents can express a preference for the school their child attends..., Many of these products were bought in preference to their own.     
2       n-uncount   If you give preferenceto someone with a particular qualification or feature, you choose them rather than someone else.  
usu N to n   (=priority)  
The Pentagon will give preference to companies which do business electronically.     

preference shares     
Preference shares are shares in a company that are owned by people who have the right to receive part of the company's profits before the holders of ordinary shares are paid. They also have the right to have their capital repaid if the company fails and has to close. Compare ordinary shares.  
  (BRIT, BUSINESS)      n-plural  
in AM use preferred stock     
sexual preference        ( sexual preferences    plural  ) Someone's sexual preference is the same as their sexual orientation.      n-var   oft poss N  
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1    bag     (slang)   choice, cup of tea     (informal)   desire, election, favourite, first choice, option, partiality, pick, predilection, selection, top of the list  
2    advantage, favoured treatment, favouritism, first place, precedence, pride of place, priority  

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