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1       adv   If you say that something is presently happening, you mean that it is happening now.  
ADV before v, ADV group   (=currently)  
She is presently developing a number of projects..., The island is presently uninhabited...     
2       adv   You use presently to indicate that something happened quite a short time after the time or event that you have just mentioned.  
WRITTEN   ADV with cl  
Presently, a young woman in a white coat came in...     
3       adv   If you say that something will happen presently, you mean that it will happen quite soon.  
FORMAL   ADV after v   (=shortly)  
`Just take it easy,' David said. `You'll feel better presently.'     
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anon     (archaic)   before long, by and by, erelong     (archaic or poetic)   in a minute, in a moment, in a short while, pretty soon     (informal)   shortly, soon  

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