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  ( pumps    plural & 3rd person present)   ( pumping    present participle)   ( pumped    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A pump is a machine or device that is used to force a liquid or gas to flow in a particular direction.  
...pumps that circulate the fuel around in the engine..., You'll need a bicycle pump to keep the tyres topped up with air.     
2       verb   To pump a liquid or gas in a particular direction means to force it to flow in that direction using a pump.  
It's not enough to get rid of raw sewage by pumping it out to sea...      V n with adv  
The money raised will be used to dig bore holes to pump water into the dried-up lake.      V n prep  
...drill rigs that are busy pumping natural gas...      V n  
Age diminishes the heart's ability to pump harder and faster under exertion.      V  
3       n-count   A petrol or gas pump is a machine with a tube attached to it that you use to fill a car with petrol.  
oft n N  
There are already long queues of vehicles at petrol pumps.     
4       verb   If someone has their stomach pumped, doctors remove the contents of their stomach, for example because they have swallowed poison or drugs.  
usu passive  
She was released from hospital yesterday after having her stomach pumped.      have n V-ed  
5       verb   If you pump money or other resources into something such as a project or an industry, you invest a lot of money or resources in it.  
INFORMAL   The Government needs to pump more money into community care.      V n into n  
6       verb   If you pump someone about something, you keep asking them questions in order to get information.  

He ran in every five minutes to pump me about the case...      V n about/for n  
Stop trying to pump information out of me.      V n out of/from n  
7       n-count   Pumps are canvas shoes with flat rubber soles which people wear for sports and leisure.  
  (mainly BRIT)  
in AM, use trainers     
8       n-count   Pumps are women's shoes that do not cover the top part of the foot and are usually made of plain leather.  
in BRIT, use court shoes     
9    To prime the pump    means to do something to encourage the success or growth of something, especially the economy.      
  (mainly AM)  
prime the pump             phrase   V inflects  
...the use of tax money to prime the pump of the state's economy.      pump out  
1       phrasal verb   To pump out something means to produce or supply it continually and in large amounts.  
Japanese companies have been pumping out plenty of innovative products...      V P n (not pron), Also V n P  
2       phrasal verb   If pop music pumps out, it plays very loudly.  
Teenage disco music pumped out at every station.      V P   pump up      phrasal verb   If you pump up something such as a tyre, you fill it with air using a pump.  
I tried to pump up my back tyre.      V P n (not pron), Also V n P  
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prime     ( primes    3rd person present)   ( priming    present participle)   ( primed    past tense & past participle  )
1       adj   You use prime to describe something that is most important in a situation.  
ADJ n  
Political stability, meanwhile, will be a prime concern..., It could be a prime target for guerrilla attack..., The police will see me as the prime suspect!     
2       adj   You use prime to describe something that is of the best possible quality.  
ADJ n  
It was one of the City's prime sites, near the Stock Exchange.     
3       adj   You use prime to describe an example of a particular kind of thing that is absolutely typical.  
ADJ n   (=classic)  
The prime example is Macy's, once the undisputed king of California retailers.     
4       n-uncount   If someone or something is in their prime, they are at the stage in their existence when they are at their strongest, most active, or most successful.  
usu poss N  
She was in her intellectual prime..., We've had a series of athletes trying to come back well past their prime., ...young persons in the prime of life.     
5       verb   If you prime someone to do something, you prepare them to do it, for example by giving them information about it beforehand.   (=brief)  
Claire wished she'd primed Sarah beforehand...      V n  
Arnold primed her for her duties...      V n for n  
The press corps was primed to leap to the defense of the fired officials.      be V-ed to-inf  
    to prime the pump  

Prime Minister        ( Prime Ministers    plural  ) The leader of the government in some countries is called the Prime Minister.      n-count   usu the N; N-TITLE; N-VOC   (=PM, premier)  
...the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Miss Benazir Bhutto...     
prime mover        ( prime movers    plural  ) The prime moverbehind a plan, idea, or situation is someone who has an important influence in starting it.      n-count   usu N behind/in n   (=driving force)  
He was the prime mover behind the coup...     
prime number        ( prime numbers    plural  ) In mathematics, a prime number is a whole number greater than 1 that cannot be divided exactly by any whole number except itself and the number 1, for example 17.      n-count  
prime rate        ( prime rates    plural  ) A bank's prime rate is the lowest rate of interest which it charges at a particular time and which is offered only to certain customers.     (BUSINESS)      n-count  
At least one bank cut its prime rate today.     
prime time      , primetime  
Prime time television or radio programmes are broadcast when the greatest number of people are watching television or listening to the radio, usually in the evenings.      n-uncount   usu N n  
...a prime-time television show., time viewing in mid-evening.     

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1    best, capital, choice, excellent, first-class, first-rate, grade A, highest, quality, select, selected, superior, top  
2    basic, bog-standard     (informal)   earliest, fundamental, original, primary, underlying  
3    chief, leading, main, predominant, pre-eminent, primary, principal, ruling, senior  
4    best days, bloom, flower, full flowering, height, heyday, maturity, peak, perfection, zenith  
5    beginning, morning, opening, spring, start  
6    break in, coach, fit, get ready, groom, make ready, prepare, train  
7    brief, clue in     (informal)   clue up     (informal)   fill in     (informal)   gen up     (Brit. informal)   give someone the lowdown     (informal)   inform, notify, tell  

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