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  ( princes    plural  )
1       n-title; n-count   A prince is a male member of a royal family, especially the son of the king or queen of a country.  
...Prince Edward and other royal guests..., The Prince won warm applause for his ideas.     
2       n-title; n-count   A prince is the male royal ruler of a small country or state.  
He was speaking without the prince's authority.     

Crown Prince        ( Crown Princes    plural  ) A Crown Prince is a prince who will be king of his country when the present king or queen dies.      n-count   usu the N in sing; N-TITLE  
...the crown prince's palace., ...Sultan Mahmood's son, Crown Prince Ibrahim Mahmood.     
Prince Charming     
A woman's Prince Charming is a man who seems to her to be a perfect lover or boyfriend, because he is attractive, kind, and considerate.      n-sing   also no det     (approval)    To begin with he was Prince Charming.     
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lord, monarch, potentate, ruler, sovereign  

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