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1       adv   If you say that something is probably the case, you think that it is likely to be the case, although you are not sure.  
ADV with cl/group     (vagueness)    The White House probably won't make this plan public until July..., Van Gogh is probably the best-known painter in the world.     
2       adv   You can use probably when you want to make your opinion sound less forceful or definite, so that you do not offend people.  
ADV with cl/group     (vagueness)    He probably thinks you're both crazy!     
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as likely as not, doubtless, in all likelihood, in all probability, likely, maybe, most likely, perchance     (archaic)   perhaps, possibly, presumably  

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Abandoning something that one has intimate knowledge of for something unknown and probably highly risky to one's well-being.
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