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     ( proceeds    plural & 3rd person present)   ( proceeding    present participle)   ( proceeded    past tense & past participle  )
The verb is pronounced prəsi:d. The plural noun in meaning 5 is pronounced proʊsi:dz.     
1       verb   If you proceedto do something, you do it, often after doing something else first.  
He proceeded to tell me of my birth...      V to-inf  
2       verb   If you proceed with a course of action, you continue with it.  
FORMAL   The group proceeded with a march they knew would lead to bloodshed...      V with n  
The trial has been delayed until November because the defence is not ready to proceed.      V  
3       verb   If an activity, process, or event proceeds, it goes on and does not stop.  
The ideas were not new. Their development had proceeded steadily since the war...      V  
4       verb   If you proceed in a particular direction, you go in that direction.  

She climbed the steps and proceeded along the upstairs hallway...      V prep/adv  
The freighter was allowed to proceed after satisfying them that it was not breaking sanctions.      V  
5       n-plural   The proceeds of an event or activity are the money that has been obtained from it.  
the N, oft the N of/from n  
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1    advance, carry on, continue, get going, get on with, get under way with, go ahead, go on, make a start, move on, press on, progress, set in motion  
2    arise, come, derive, emanate, ensue, flow, follow, issue, originate, result, spring, stem  
1    break off, cease, discontinue, end, get behind, halt, leave off, pack in     (Brit. informal)   retreat, stop  

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