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  ( proceedings    plural  )
1       n-count   Legal proceedings are legal action taken against someone.  
FORMAL   usu pl  
...criminal proceedings against the former prime minister..., The Council had brought proceedings to stop the store from trading on Sundays.     
2       n-count   The proceedings are an organized series of events that take place in a particular place.  
FORMAL   usu pl, usu the N  
The proceedings of the enquiry will take place in private...     
3       n-plural   You can refer to a written record of the discussions at a meeting or conference as the proceedings.  
the N  
The Department of Transport is to publish the conference proceedings.     
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1    act, action, course of action, deed, measure, move, occurrence, procedure, process, step, undertaking, venture  
2      (plural)    account, affairs, annals, archives, business, dealings, doings, matters, minutes, records, report, transactions  

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result of a legal proceeding (American); considered conclusion after thoughtful analysis
Judgement is a stronger word than opinion.
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