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  ( proclaims    3rd person present)   ( proclaiming    present participle)   ( proclaimed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If people proclaim something, they formally make it known to the public.   (=declare)  
The Boers rebelled against British rule, proclaiming their independence on 30 December 1880...      V n  
Britain proudly proclaims that it is a nation of animal lovers...      V that  
He still proclaims himself a believer in the Revolution.      V pron-refl n  
2       verb   If you proclaim something, you state it in an emphatic way.  
`I think we have been heard today,' he proclaimed...      V with quote  
He confidently proclaims that he is offering the best value in the market.      V that  
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advertise, affirm, announce, blaze (abroad), blazon (abroad), circulate, declare, enunciate, give out, herald, indicate, make known, profess, promulgate, publish, shout from the housetops     (informal)   show, trumpet  
   conceal, hush up, keep back, keep secret, suppress, withhold  

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