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  ( proposes    3rd person present)   ( proposing    present participle)   ( proposed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you propose something such as a plan or an idea, you suggest it for people to think about and decide upon.   (=suggest)  
Britain is about to propose changes to some institutions...      V n/-ing  
It was George who first proposed that we dry clothes in that locker.      V that  
2       verb   If you proposeto do something, you intend to do it.  
It's still far from clear what action the government proposes to take over the affair...      V to-inf  
And where do you propose building such a huge thing?      V -ing  
3       verb   If you propose a theory or an explanation, you state that it is possibly or probably true, because it fits in with the evidence that you have considered.  
FORMAL   This highlights a problem faced by people proposing theories of ball lightning...      V n  
Newton proposed that heavenly and terrestrial motion could be unified with the idea of gravity.      V that  
4       verb   If you propose a motion for debate, or a candidate for election, you begin the debate or the election procedure by formally stating your support for that motion or candidate.  
A delegate from Siberia proposed a resolution that he stand down as party chairman...      V n  
  proposer     ( proposers    plural)    n-count  
...Mr Ian Murch, the proposer of the motion.     
5       verb   If you propose a toast to someone or something, you ask people to drink a toast to them.  
Usually the bride's father proposes a toast to the health of the bride and groom.      V n  
6       verb   If you propose to someone, or propose marriageto them, you ask them to marry you.  
He had proposed to Isabel the day after taking his seat in Parliament.      V to n, Also V, V n, V n to n  
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1    advance, come up with, present, proffer, propound, put forward, submit, suggest, tender  
2    introduce, invite, name, nominate, present, put up, recommend  
3    aim, design, have every intention, have in mind, intend, mean, plan, purpose, scheme  
4    ask for someone's hand (in marriage), offer marriage, pay suit, pop the question     (informal)  

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