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  ( puddings    plural  )
1       n-var   A pudding is a cooked sweet food made with flour, fat, and eggs, and usually served hot.  
...a cherry sponge pudding with warm custard.     
2       n-var   Some people refer to the sweet course of a meal as the pudding.  
  (BRIT)   (=dessert, sweet)  
...a menu featuring canapes, a starter, a main course and a pudding...     
    Yorkshire pudding  
4    If you say the proof of the pudding or the proof of the puddingis in the eating, you mean that something new can only be judged to be good or bad after it has been tried or used.  
the proof of the pudding      phrase  

black pudding        ( black puddings    plural  ) Black pudding is a thick sausage which has a black skin and is made from pork fat and pig's blood.  
  (mainly BRIT)      n-var  
blood pudding        ( blood puddings    plural  ) Blood pudding is another word for black pudding.      n-var  
Christmas pudding        ( Christmas puddings    plural  ) Christmas pudding is a special pudding that is eaten at Christmas.  
  (mainly BRIT)      n-var   (=plum pudding)  
plum pudding        ( plum puddings    plural  ) Plum pudding is a special pudding eaten at Christmas which is made with dried fruit, spices, and suet.  
  (AM; also BRIT)  
OLD-FASHIONED      n-count   (=Christmas pudding)  
pudding basin        ( pudding basins    plural  ) A pudding basin is a deep round bowl that is used in the kitchen, especially for mixing or for cooking puddings.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
rice pudding        ( rice puddings    plural  ) Rice pudding is a dessert which is made from rice, milk, and sugar.      n-var  
Yorkshire pudding     ( Yorkshire puddings    plural  ) Yorkshire pudding is a British food which is made by baking a thick liquid mixture of flour, milk, and eggs. It is often eaten with roast beef.      n-var  
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afters     (Brit. informal)   dessert, last course, pud     (informal)   second course, sweet  

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