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  ( pulps    3rd person present)   ( pulping    present participle)   ( pulped    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-sing   If an object is pressed into a pulp, it is crushed or beaten until it is soft, smooth, and wet.  
also no det  
The olives are crushed to a pulp by stone rollers.     
2       n-sing   In fruit or vegetables, the pulp is the soft part inside the skin.  
the N, also no det  
Make maximum use of the whole fruit, including the pulp which is high in fibre.     
3       n-uncount   Wood pulp is material made from crushed wood. It is used to make paper.  
4       adj   People refer to stories or novels as pulp fiction when they consider them to be of poor quality and intentionally shocking or sensational.  
ADJ n  
...lurid '50s pulp novels.     
5       verb   If paper, vegetables, or fruit are pulped, they are crushed into a smooth, wet paste.  
usu passive  
Onions can be boiled and pulped to a puree.      be V-ed  
...creamed or pulped tomatoes.      V-ed  
6       verb   If money or documents are pulped, they are destroyed. This is done to stop the money being used or to stop the documents being seen by the public.  
usu passive  
25 million pounds worth of five pound notes have been pulped because the designers made a mistake.      be V-ed  
7    If someone is beaten to a pulp or beaten to pulp, they are hit repeatedly until they are very badly injured.  
beat someone to a pulp      phrase   V inflects  

wood pulp     
Wood pulp is wood that has been cut up into small pieces and crushed. Wood pulp is used to make paper.      n-uncount  
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1    flesh, marrow, soft part  
2    mash, mush, pap, paste, pomace, semiliquid, semisolid, triturate  
3    crush, mash, pulverize, squash, triturate  
4    cheap, lurid, mushy     (informal)   rubbishy, sensational, trashy  

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