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  ( qualifies    3rd person present)   ( qualifying    present participle)   ( qualified    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When someone qualifies, they pass the examinations that they need to be able to work in a particular profession.  
But when I'd qualified and started teaching it was a different story...      V  
I qualified as a doctor from London University over 30 years ago.      V as/in n, Also V to-inf  
2       verb   If you qualify for something or if something qualifies you for it, you have the right to do it or have it.  
To qualify for maternity leave you must have worked for the same employer for two years...      V for n  
The basic course does not qualify you to practise as a therapist.      V n to-inf  
...skills that qualify foreigners for work visas.      V n for n  
...highly trained staff who are well qualified to give unbiased, practical advice.      V-ed, Also V, V to-inf  
3       verb   To qualifyas something or to be qualifiedas something means to have all the features that are needed to be that thing.  
13 percent of American households qualify as poor, says Mr. Mishel...      V as n  
These people seem to think that reading a few books on old age qualifies them as experts.      V n as n, Also V  
4       verb   If you qualify in a competition, you are successful in one part of it and go on to the next stage.  
Nottingham Forest qualified for the final by beating Tranmere on Tuesday...      V for n  
Cameroon have also qualified after beating Sierra Leone.      V  
...a World Cup qualifying match.      V-ing  
  qualifier     ( qualifiers    plural)    n-count  
Kenya's Robert Kibe was the fastest qualifier for the 800 metres final.     
5       verb   If you qualify a statement, you make it less strong or less general by adding a detail or explanation to it.  
I would qualify that by putting it into context.      V n  
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1    capacitate, certify, commission, condition, empower, endow, equip, fit, ground, permit, prepare, ready, sanction, train  
2    abate, adapt, assuage, circumscribe, diminish, ease, lessen, limit, mitigate, moderate, modify, modulate, reduce, regulate, restrain, restrict, soften, temper, vary  
3    characterize, describe, designate, distinguish, modify, name  
1    ban, debar, disqualify, forbid, preclude, prevent  

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Exceptional invitation to a player to participate in a tourney without having to qualify for it.
pejorative term to qualify a person who pretends or appears to know everything about everything
[Pej.];[Fam.] Ex.: So let's see how Mister 'know-it-all' is going to solve that problem!
Qualifies a person who has a deep understanding of a certain topic, usually feminism.
Example: Love hearing Daniel Radcliffe praise the HeForShe campaign, he is so woke!'
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