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  ( queens    plural  )
1       n-title; n-count   A queen is a woman who rules a country as its monarch.  
oft the N  
...Queen Victoria..., She met the Queen last week.     
2       n-title; n-count   A queen is a woman who is married to a king.  
oft the N  
The king and queen had fled.     
3       n-count   If you refer to a woman as thequeenof a particular activity, you mean that she is well-known for being very good at it.  
with supp, N of n, n N  
...the queen of crime writing.     
    beauty queen  
4       n-count   In chess, the queen is the most powerful piece. It can be moved in any direction.  
5       n-count   A queen is a playing card with a picture of a queen on it.  
oft the N of n  
...the queen of spades.     
6       n-count   A queen or a queen bee is a large female bee which can lay eggs.  

beauty queen        ( beauty queens    plural  ) A beauty queen is a woman who has won a beauty contest.      n-count  
Queen Mother     
The Queen Mother is the mother of a ruling king or queen.      n-proper   the N  
queen-size      , queen-sized  
A queen-size bed is larger than a double bed, but smaller than a king-size bed.      adj   ADJ n  
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1    consort, monarch, ruler, sovereign  
2    diva, doyenne, ideal, idol, mistress, model, perfection, prima donna, star  

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