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  ( quicker    comparative)   ( quickest    superlative  )
1       adj   Someone or something that is quick moves or does things with great speed.,   (Antonym: slow)    You'll have to be quick. The flight leaves in about three hours..., I think I'm a reasonably quick learner...     
  quickly      adv   ADV with v     (Antonym: slowly)    Cussane worked quickly and methodically...     
   quickness             n-uncount  
...the natural quickness of his mind.     
2       adv   Quicker is sometimes used to mean `at a greater speed', and quickest to mean `at the greatest speed'. Quick is sometimes used to mean `with great speed'. Some people consider this to be non-standard.  
INFORMAL   ADV after v  
Warm the sugar slightly first to make it dissolve quicker...     
3       adj   Something that is quick takes or lasts only a short time.  
He took one last quick look about the room..., Although this recipe looks long, it is actually very quick to prepare...     
  quickly      adv   ADV with v  
You can become fitter quite quickly and easily.     
4       adj   Quick means happening without delay or with very little delay.  
usu ADJ n   (=speedy)  
These investors feel the need to make quick profits.     
  quickly      adv   ADV with v  
It quickly became the most popular men's fragrance in the world...     
5       adv   Quick is sometimes used to mean `with very little delay'.  
INFORMAL   ADV after v  
I got away as quick as I could...     
6       adj   If you are quickto do something, you do not hesitate to do it.  
v-link ADJ, usu ADJ to-inf  
Mark says the ideas are Katie's own, and is quick to praise her talent...     
7       adj   If someone has a quick temper, they are easily made angry.  
ADJ n  
8    If something cuts you to the quick, it makes you feel very upset.  
cut sb to the quick      phrase   V inflects  
I once heard her weeping in her bedroom, which cut me to the quick.     
    quick as a flash  
    quick off the mark  
    quick on the uptake  
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