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1       adj   Raging water moves very forcefully and violently.  
ADJ n  
The field trip involved crossing a raging torrent.     
2       adj   Raging fire is very hot and fierce.  
ADJ n  
As he came closer he saw a gigantic wall of raging flame before him.     
3       adj   Raging is used to describe things, especially bad things, that are very intense.  
ADJ n  
If raging inflation returns, then interest rates will shoot up..., He felt a raging thirst.     
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beside oneself, boiling mad     (informal)   doing one's nut     (Brit. slang)   enraged, fit to be tied     (slang)   fizzing     (Scot.)   foaming at the mouth, frenzied, fuming, furious, incensed, infuriated, mad, raving, seething  

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