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  ( rations    plural & 3rd person present)   ( rationing    present participle)   ( rationed    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   When there is not enough of something, your ration of it is the amount that you are allowed to have.  
The meat ration was down to one pound per person per week...     
2       verb   When something is rationed by a person or government, you are only allowed to have a limited amount of it, usually because there is not enough of it.  
Staples such as bread, rice and tea are already being rationed...      be V-ed  
...the decision to ration food...      V n  
Motorists will be rationed to thirty litres of petrol a month...      be V-ed to amount, Also V n to amount  
3       n-plural   Rations are the food which is given to people who do not have enough food or to soldiers.  
Aid officials said that the first emergency food rations of wheat and oil were handed out here last month...     
4       n-count   Your rationof something is the amount of it that you normally have.  
usu N of n  
...after consuming his ration of junk food and two cigarettes.     
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1    allotment, allowance, dole, helping, measure, part, portion, provision, quota, share  
2      (plural)    commons     (Brit.)   food, provender, provisions, stores, supplies  
3      (with)       out   allocate, allot, apportion, deal, distribute, dole, give out, issue, measure out, mete, parcel out  
4    budget, conserve, control, limit, restrict, save  

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