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      n   pl   , öre   a Scandinavian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a Swedish krona and (øre) one hundredth of a Danish and Norwegian krone  

dry-bone ore  
      n      a mining term for       smithsonite  
kidney ore  
      n     (Geology)   a form of hematite that occurs in kidney-shaped masses  
      n   any naturally occurring mineral or aggregate of minerals from which economically important constituents, esp. metals, can be extracted  
     (Old English ar, ora; related to Gothic aiz, Latin aes, Dutch oer)  
ore dressing  
      n   the first stage in the extraction of a metal from an ore in which as much gangue as possible is removed and the ore is prepared for smelting, refining, etc.,   (Also called)    mineral dressing, mineral processing  
Ore Mountains  
      pl n      another name for the       Erzgebirge  
peacock ore  
      n      another name for       bornite  
red-lead ore  
      n      another name for       crocoite  
white lead ore  
      n      another name for       cerussite  
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