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1    a republic in Central America, occupying the Isthmus of Panama: gained independence from Spain in 1821 and joined Greater Colombia; became independent in 1903, with the immediate area around the canal forming the Canal Zone under U.S. jurisdiction; in 1979 Panama assumed sovereignty over the Canal Zone. Official language: Spanish; English is also widely spoken. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: balboa. Capital: Panama City. Pop.: 2767000 (1998 est.). Area: 75650 sq. km (29201 sq. miles)  
2    Isthmus of. an isthmus linking North and South America, between the Pacific and the Caribbean. Length: 676 km (420 miles). Width (at its narrowest point): 50 km (31 miles),   (Former name)    (Isthmus of) Darien         
3    Gulf of. a wide inlet of the Pacific in Panama  
  Panamanian      adj, n  
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      n   pl   , -muses, -mi  
1    a narrow strip of land connecting two relatively large land areas  
2      (Anatomy.)  
a    a narrow band of tissue connecting two larger parts of a structure  
b    a narrow passage connecting two cavities  
     (C16: from Latin, from Greek isthmos)  
  isthmoid      adj  

Karelian Isthmus  
      n   a strip of land, now in Russia, between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga: annexed by the former Soviet Union after the Russo-Finnish War (1939--40)  

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