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      suffix   forming informal and slang variants and abbreviations, esp. of nouns  
wino, lie doggo, Jacko     
     (probably special use of oh)  
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1    a former British and Australian silver or cupronickel coin worth one twentieth of a pound: not minted in Britain since 1970,   (Abbrevs.)    s, sh  
2    the standard monetary unit of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda: divided into 100 cents  
3    an old monetary unit of the U.S. varying in value in different states  
4    in combination     (Scot)   an indication of the strength and character of a beer, referring to the price after duty that was formerly paid per barrel  
sixty-shilling        (Usually abbreviated to)    /-         
     (Old English scilling; related to Old Norse skillingr, Gothic skilliggs, Old High German skilling)  

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   , -woman         
crack shot     (informal)   deadeye     (informal, chiefly U.S.)   dead shot     (informal)   good shot, sharpshooter  

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