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Cape York


      n   the northernmost point of the Australian mainland, in N Queensland on the Torres Strait at the tip of Cape York Peninsula (a peninsula between the Coral Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria).  
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cape          [1]  
1    a sleeveless garment like a cloak but usually shorter  
2    a strip of material attached to a coat or other garment so as to fall freely, usually from the shoulders  
     (C16: from French, from Provençal capa, from Late Latin cappa; see cap)  

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chersonese     (poetic)   head, headland, ness     (archaic)   peninsula, point, promontory  

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expression used to indicate that something happens very quickly
purple dye sprayed by a police water cannon to mark the demonstrators for arrest. The purple substance was dubbed 'purple rain' by the press after an anti-apartheid protest held in Cape Town on September 2, 1989.
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