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Holy Bible


      n      another name for the       Bible  
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      adj   , holier, holiest  
1    of, relating to, or associated with God or a deity; sacred  
2    endowed or invested with extreme purity or sublimity  
3    devout, godly, or virtuous  
4    holier-than-thou   offensively sanctimonious or self-righteous  
a holier-than-thou attitude     
5    holy terror  
a    a difficult or frightening person  
b      (Irish)  
informal   a person who is an active gambler, womanizer, etc.  
      n   pl   , -lies  
a    a sacred place  
b    the holy   functioning as pl   persons or things invested with holiness  
     (Old English halig, hælig; related to Old Saxon helag, Gothic hailags, German heilig; see hallow)  

Holy Alliance  
1    a document advocating government according to Christian principles that was signed in 1815 by the rulers of Russia, Prussia, and Austria  
2    the informal alliance that resulted from this agreement  
Holy Bible  
      n      another name for the       Bible  
Holy City  
1    Jerusalem, esp. when regarded as the focal point of the religions of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam  
2      (Christianity)   heaven regarded as the perfect counterpart of Jerusalem  
3    any city regarded as especially sacred by a particular religion  
Holy Communion  
1    the celebration of the Eucharist  
2    the consecrated elements of the Eucharist,   (Often shortened to)    Communion  
holy day  
      n   a day on which a religious festival is observed  
holy day of obligation  
      n   a major feastday of the Roman Catholic Church on which Catholics are bound to attend Mass and refrain from servile work  
Holy Family  
the     (Christianity)   the infant Jesus, Mary, and St Joseph  
Holy Father  
      n     (R.C. Church)   a title of the pope  
Holy Ghost  
      n      another name for the       Holy Spirit  
Holy Grail  
1      (Also called)    Grail, Sangraal   (in medieval legend) the bowl used by Jesus at the Last Supper. It was allegedly brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea, where it became the quest of many knights  
2    Informal   any desired ambition or goal  
the Holy Grail of infrared astronomy     
     (C14 grail from Old French graal, from Medieval Latin gradalis bowl, of unknown origin)  
Holy Hour  
1      (R.C. Church)   an hour set aside for prayer and reflection  
2    not caps     (Irish)  
informal   a period during the afternoon when public houses are obliged to close by law  
Holy Innocents' Day  
      n   Dec. 28, a day commemorating the massacre of male children at Bethlehem by Herod's order (Matthew 2:16); Childermas  
Holy Island  
1    an island off the NE coast of Northumberland, linked to the mainland by road but accessible only at low water: site of a monastery founded by St Aidan in 635,   (Also called)    Lindisfarne  
2    an island off the NW coast of Anglesey. Area: about 62 sq. km (24 sq. miles)  
Holy Joe  
1    a minister or chaplain  
2    any sanctimonious or self-righteous person  
Holy Land  
      n      the. another name for       Palestine       1  
holy Mary  
      n     (Irish)   a pietistic person  
he's a real holy Mary     
Holy Office  
      n     (R.C. Church)   a congregation established in 1542 as the final court of appeal in heresy trials; it now deals with matters of doctrine  
holy of holies  
1    any place of special sanctity  
2    caps   the innermost compartment of the Jewish tabernacle, and later of the Temple, where the Ark was enshrined  
holy orders  
      pl n  
1    the sacrament or rite whereby a person is admitted to the Christian ministry  
2    the grades of the Christian ministry  
3    the rank or status of an ordained Christian minister,   (See also)        orders  
holy place  
1    the outer chamber of a Jewish sanctuary  
2    a place of pilgrimage  
Holy Roller  
Derogatory   a member of a sect that expresses religious fervour in an ecstatic or frenzied way  
Holy Roman Empire  
      n   the complex of European territories under the rule of the Frankish or German king who bore the title of Roman emperor, beginning with the coronation of Charlemagne in 800 a.d. The last emperor, Francis II, relinquished his crown in 1806  
holy rood  
1    a cross or crucifix, esp. one placed upon the rood screen in a church  
2    often cap   the cross on which Christ was crucified  
Holy Saturday  
      n   the Saturday before Easter Sunday  
Holy Scripture  
      n      another term for       Scripture  
Holy See  
      n     (R.C. Church)  
1    the see of the pope as bishop of Rome and head of the Church  
2    the Roman curia  
Holy Sepulchre  
      n     (New Testament)   the tomb in which the body of Christ was laid after the Crucifixion  
Holy Spirit   , Ghost  
      n     (Christianity)   the third person of the Trinity  
holy synod  
      n   the governing body of any of the Orthodox Churches  
Holy Thursday  
      n     (R.C. Church)  
1       another name for       Maundy Thursday  
2       a rare name for       Ascension Day  
holy war  
      n   a war waged in the cause of a religion  
holy water  
      n   water that has been blessed by a priest for use in symbolic rituals of purification  
Holy Week  
      n   the week preceding Easter Sunday  
Holy Willie  
      n   a person who is hypocritically pious  
     (C18: from Burns' Holy Willie's Prayer)  
Holy Writ  
      n      another term for       Scripture  
Holy Year  
      n     (R.C. Church)   a period of remission from sin, esp. one granted every 25 years  

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1    devout, divine, faithful, god-fearing, godly, hallowed, pious, pure, religious, righteous, saintly, sublime, virtuous  
2    blessed, consecrated, dedicated, hallowed, sacred, sacrosanct, sanctified, venerable, venerated  
1    blasphemous, corrupt, earthly, evil, human, immoral, impious, irreligious, sacrilegious, secular, sinful, unholy, wicked, worldly  
2    desecrated, unconsecrated, unhallowed, unholy, unsanctified  

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