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,   (U.S.)   Honorable  
      adj   prenominal   the. a title of respect placed before a name: employed before the names of various officials in the English-speaking world, as a courtesy title in Britain for the children of viscounts and barons and the younger sons of earls, and in Parliament by one member speaking of another,   (Abbrev.)    Hon         

      abbrev. for  
1    honorary  
2    honourable  
      abbrev. for   Honourable (title)  
Hon. Sec.  
      abbrev. for   Honorary Secretary  
Prud'hon     (French)  
      n   Pierre Paul (pjɛr pɔl). 1758--1823, French painter, noted for the romantic and mysterious aura of his portraits  
Rt Hon.  
      abbrev. for   Right Honourable  
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