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1    Henry. died 1611, English navigator: he explored the Hudson River (1609) and Hudson Bay (1610), where his crew mutinied and cast him adrift to die  
2    W(illiam) H(enry). 1841--1922, British naturalist and novelist, born in Argentina, noted esp. for his romance Green Mansions (1904) and the autobiographical Far Away and Long Ago (1918)  

Hudson Bay  
      n   an inland sea in NE Canada: linked with the Atlantic by Hudson Strait; the S extension forms James Bay; discovered in 1610 by Henry Hudson. Area (excluding James Bay): 647500 sq. km (250000 sq. miles)  
Hudson River  
      n   a river in E New York State, flowing generally south into Upper New York Bay: linked to the Great Lakes, the St Lawrence Seaway, and Lake Champlain by the New York State Barge Canal and the canalized Mohawk River. Length: 492 km (306 miles)  
Hudson's Bay Company  
      n   an English company chartered in 1670 to trade in all parts of North America drained by rivers flowing into Hudson Bay  
Hudson seal  
      n   muskrat fur that has been dressed and dyed to resemble sealskin  
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