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1    the main body of a vessel, tank, flying boat, etc.  
2    the shell or pod of peas or beans; the outer covering of any fruit or seed; husk  
3    the persistent calyx at the base of a strawberry, raspberry, or similar fruit  
4    the outer casing of a missile, rocket, etc.  
5    to remove the hulls from (fruit or seeds)  
6    tr   to pierce the hull of (a vessel, tank, etc.)  
     (Old English hulu; related to Old High German helawa, Old English helan to hide)  
  huller      n  
  hull-less      adj  


1    a port in NE England, in Kingston upon Hull unitary authority, East Riding of Yorkshire: the largest fishing port in Britain; university (1929). Pop.: 310636 (1991). Official name: Kingston upon Hull  
2    a city in SE Canada, in SW Quebec on the River Ottawa: a centre of the timber trade and associated industries. Pop.: 60707 (1991)  
Hull   [2]  
      n   Cordell. 1871--1955, U.S. statesman; secretary of state (1933--44). He helped to found the U.N.: Nobel peace prize 1945  
hull down  
1    (of a ship) having its hull concealed by the horizon  
2    (of a tank) having only its turret visible  
Kingston upon Hull  
1       the official name of       Hull   1  
2    a unitary authority in NE England, in the East Riding of Yorkshire: formerly (1974--96) part of the county of Humberside. Pop.: 265000 (1994 est.). Area: 71 sq. km (27 sq. miles)  
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