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Indian Territory


      n   the territory established in the early 19th century in present-day Oklahoma, where Indians were forced to settle by the U.S. government. The last remnant was integrated into the new state of Oklahoma in 1907  
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1    a native, citizen, or inhabitant of the Republic of India  
2    an American Indian  
3    not in scholarly usage   any of the languages of the American Indians  
4    of, relating to, or characteristic of India, its inhabitants, or any of their languages  
5    of, relating to, or characteristic of the American Indians or any of their languages  

American Indian  
1      (Also called)    Indian, Red Indian, Amerindian, Native American   a member of any of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, or South America, having Mongoloid affinities, notably straight black hair and a yellow to brown skin  
2      (Also)    Amerindian   of or relating to any of these peoples, their languages, or their cultures  
American Indian Movement  
      n   a militant movement or grouping of American Indians, organized in 1968 to combat discrimination, injustice, etc.  
1    of or relating to England and India  
2    denoting or relating to Anglo-Indians  
3    (of a word) introduced into English from an Indian language  
4    a person of mixed English and Indian descent  
5    an English person who lives or has lived for a long time in India  
British Indian Ocean Territory  
      n   a UK Overseas Territory in the Indian Ocean: consists of the Chagos Archipelago (formerly a dependency of Mauritius) and formerly included (until 1976) Aldabra, Farquhar, and Des Roches, now administratively part of the Seychelles. Diego Garcia is an important naval base  
East Indian  
1      (Caribbean)   an immigrant to the countries of the Caribbean (West Indies) who is of Indian origin; an Asian West Indian  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)   of, relating to, or originating in the East Indies  
French and Indian War  
      n   the war (1755--60) between the French and British, each aided by different Indian tribes, that formed part of the North American Seven Years' War  
Great Indian Desert  
      n      another name for the       Thar Desert  
Indian agent  
      n   an official who represents the U.S. or Canadian government to a group of North American Indians  
Indian bread  
      n      another name for       corn bread  
Indian cholera  
      n      another name for       cholera  
Indian club  
      n   a bottle-shaped club, usually used in pairs by gymnasts, jugglers, etc.  
Indian corn  
      n      another name for       maize       1  
Indian Desert  
      n      another name for the       Thar Desert  
Indian Empire  
      n   British India and the Indian states under indirect British control, which gained independence as India and Pakistan in 1947  
Indian file  
      n      another term for       single file  
Indian giver  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)  
offensive   a person who asks for the return of a present he has given  
  Indian giving      n  
Indian hemp  
1       another name for       hemp   esp. the variety Cannabis indica, from which several narcotic drugs are obtained   esp. the variety Cannabis indica, from which several narcotic drugs are obtained  
2      (Also called)    dogbane   a perennial American apocynaceous plant, Apocynum cannabinum, whose fibre was formerly used by the Indians to make rope  
Indian ink   ,   (esp. U.S. and Canadian)   India ink  
1    a black pigment made from a mixture of lampblack and a binding agent such as gelatine or glue: usually formed into solid cakes and sticks  
2    a black liquid ink made from this pigment,   (Also called)    China ink, Chinese ink  
Indian liquorice  
      n   a woody leguminous tropical Asian climbing plant, Abrus precatorius, with scarlet black-spotted poisonous seeds, used as beads, and roots used as a substitute for liquorice,   (Also called)    jequirity  
Indian list  
Informal   (in Canada) a list of persons to whom spirits may not be sold,   (Also called)    interdict list  
Indian mallow  
      n   a tall malvaceous weedy North American plant, Abutilon theophrasti, with small yellow flowers and large velvety leaves  
Indian meal  
      n      another name for       corn meal  
Indian millet  
      n      another name for       durra  
Indian mulberry  
      n   a small rubiaceous tree, Morinda citrifolia, of SE Asia and Australasia, with rounded yellow fruits: yields red and yellow dyes  
Indian Mutiny  
      n   a revolt of Indian troops (1857--59) that led to the transfer of the administration of India from the East India Company to the British Crown  
Indian National Congress  
      n   the official name for Congress (the political party)  
Indian Ocean  
      n   an ocean bordered by Africa in the west, Asia in the north, and Australia in the east and merging with the Antarctic Ocean in the south. Average depth: 3900 m (13000 ft.). Greatest depth (off the Sunda Islands): 7450 m (24442 ft.). Area: about 73556000 sq. km (28400000 sq. miles)  
Indian pipe  
      n   a white or pinkish saprophytic woodland plant, Monotropa uniflora, of the N hemisphere, with a solitary nodding flower resembling a pipe: family Monotropaceae  
Indian red  
1    a red pigment containing ferric oxide, used in paints and cosmetics and produced by oxidizing iron salts  
2    a type of red soil containing ferric oxide, found in S Asia and used as a pigment and metal polish  
Indian reserve   , reservation  
      n      See       reservation       4  
Indian rice  
1    an annual erect aquatic North American grass, Zizania aquatica, with edible purplish-black grain  
2    the grain of this plant,   (Also called)    wild rice  
Indian rope-trick  
      n   the supposed Indian feat of climbing an unsupported rope  
Indian sign  
      n     (U.S)   a magic spell designed to place the victim in one's power or bring him bad luck  
Indian States and Agencies  
      pl n      another name for the       Native States  
Indian summer  
1    a period of unusually settled warm weather after the end of summer proper  
2    a period of ease and tranquillity or of renewed productivity towards the end of a person's life or of an epoch,   (See also)        Saint Martin's summer  
     (originally US: probably so named because it was first noted in regions occupied by American Indians)  
Indian sweater  
      n      another name for       Cowichan sweater  
Indian Territory  
      n   the territory established in the early 19th century in present-day Oklahoma, where Indians were forced to settle by the U.S. government. The last remnant was integrated into the new state of Oklahoma in 1907  
Indian tobacco  
      n   a poisonous North American campanulaceous plant, Lobelia inflata, with small pale blue flowers and rounded inflated seed capsules  
Plains Indian  
      n   a member of any of the North American Indian peoples formerly living in the Great Plains of the U.S. and Canada  
Red Indian  
      adj      another name, now considered offensive, for       American Indian  
     (see redskin)  
West Indian  
1    of or relating to the West Indies, its inhabitants, or their language or culture  
2    native to or derived from the West Indies  
3    a native or inhabitant of the West Indies  
4    a person of West Indian descent  

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