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Innocent II


      n   original name Gregorio Papareschi. died 1143, pope (1130--43). He condemned Abelard's teachings  
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1    blameless, clear, faultless, guiltless, honest, in the clear, not guilty, uninvolved, unoffending  
2    chaste, immaculate, impeccable, incorrupt, pristine, pure, righteous, sinless, spotless, stainless, unblemished, unsullied, upright, virgin, virginal  
3      (with)       of   clear of, empty of, free from, ignorant, lacking, nescient, unacquainted with, unaware, unfamiliar with, untouched by  
4    harmless, innocuous, inoffensive, unmalicious, unobjectionable, well-intentioned, well-meant  
5    artless, childlike, credulous, frank, guileless, gullible, ingenuous, naive, open, simple, unsuspicious, unworldly, wet behind the ears     (informal)  
6    babe (in arms)     (informal)   child, greenhorn     (informal)   ingénue or (masc.) ingénu  
1    blameworthy, culpable, dishonest, guilty, responsible  
2    corrupt, immoral, impure, sinful, wrong  
4    evil, harmful, iniquitous, malicious, offensive, wicked  
5    artful, disingenuous, sophisticated, worldly  

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(Latin for "God wills it") was the cry of the people at the declaration of the First Crusade by Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095.
The phrase appears variously as Deus vult (Classical Latin), Dieu le veut (French), Deus lo vult or Deus lo volt (catalan), etc.
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