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1    a member of the Semitic people who are notionally descended from the ancient Israelites, are spread throughout the world, and are linked by loose cultural or religious ties  
2    a person whose religion is Judaism,   (See also)        Hebrew       Israeli       Israelite  
     (C12: from Old French juiu, from Latin judaeus, from Greek ioudaios, from Hebrew yehudi, from yehudah Judah)  

      n   active persecution or harassment of Jews  
  Jew-baiter      n  
jew lizard  
      n   a large Australian lizard, Amphibolus barbatus, having a pouch beneath the jaw that is distended when the animal is threatened,   (Also called)    bearded lizard, dragon  
      n      See       jelly fungus  
      n   a musical instrument consisting of a small lyre-shaped metal frame held between the teeth, with a steel tongue plucked with the finger. Changes in pitch are produced by varying the size of the mouth cavities  
wandering Jew  
1    any of several related creeping or trailing plants of tropical America, esp. Tradescantia fluminensis and Zebrina pendula: family Commelinaceae  
2      (Austral)   a similar creeping plant of the genus Commelina  
Wandering Jew  
      n   (in medieval legend) a character condemned to roam the world eternally because he mocked Christ on the day of the Crucifixion  
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