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John I


1    surnamed Tzimisces. 925--976 a.d., Byzantine emperor (969--976): extended Byzantine power into Bulgaria and Syria  
2    called the Great. 1357--1433, king of Portugal (1385--1433). He secured independence for Portugal by his victory over Castile (1385) and initiated Portuguese overseas expansion  
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1      (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)      a slang word for       lavatory       1  
2      (Austral)  
slang      short for       John Hop  
     (C20: special use of the proper name)  

blue john  
      n   a blue or purple fibrous variety of fluorspar occurring only in Derbyshire: used for vases, etc  
Dear John letter  
Informal   a letter from a girl breaking off a love affair  
1      (New Testament)  
a    the apostle John, the son of Zebedee, identified with the author of the fourth Gospel, three epistles, and the book of Revelation. Feast day: Dec. 27 or Sept. 26  
b    the fourth Gospel  
c    any of three epistles (in full The First, Second, and Third Epistles of John)  
2       See       John the Baptist  
3    known as John Lackland. 1167--1216, king of England (1199--1216); son of Henry II. He succeeded to the throne on the death of his brother Richard I, having previously tried to usurp the throne. War with France led to the loss of most of his French possessions. After his refusal to recognize Stephen Langton as archbishop of Canterbury an interdict was imposed on England (1208--14). In 1215 he was compelled by the barons to grant the Magna Carta  
4    called the Fearless. 1371--1419, duke of Burgundy (1404--19). His attempt to control the mad king Charles VI and his murder of the king's brother led to civil war: assassinated  
5    Augustus (Edwin). 1878--1961, British painter, esp. of portraits  
6    Barry born 1945, Welsh Rugby Union footballer: halfback for Wales (1966--72) and the British Lions (1968--71)  
7    Sir Elton (Hercules). original name Reginald Dwight. born 1947, British rock pianist, composer, and singer; his hits include ``Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'' (1973) and ``Candle in the Wind 1997'' (1997), a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales  
8    Gwen, sister of Augustus John. 1876--1939, British painter, working in France: noted esp. for her portraits of women  
John I  
1    surnamed Tzimisces. 925--976 a.d., Byzantine emperor (969--976): extended Byzantine power into Bulgaria and Syria  
2    called the Great. 1357--1433, king of Portugal (1385--1433). He secured independence for Portugal by his victory over Castile (1385) and initiated Portuguese overseas expansion  
John II  
1    called the Good. 1319--64, king of France (1350--64): captured by the English at Poitiers (1356) and forced to sign treaties (1360) surrendering SW France to England  
2    called the Perfect. 1455--95, king of Portugal (1481--95): sponsored Portuguese expansion in the New World and reduced the power of the aristocracy  
3    surnamed Casimir Vasa. 1609--72, king of Poland (1648--68), who lost much territory to neighbouring countries: abdicated  
John III  
1    1507--57, king of Portugal (1521--57): his reign saw the expansion of the Portuguese empire overseas but the start of economic decline at home  
2    surnamed Sobieski. 1624--96, king of Poland (1674--96). He raised the Turkish siege of Vienna (1683)  
John IV  
      n   called the Fortunate. 1604--56, king of Portugal (1640--56). As duke of Braganza he led a revolt against Spanish rule and became king: lost most of Portugal's Asian possessions to the Dutch  
John VI  
      n   ?1769--1826, king of Portugal (1816--26): recognized the independence of Brazil (1825)  
John XXII  
      n   original name Jacques Duèse. ?1244--1334, pope (1316--34), residing at Avignon; involved in a long conflict with the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and opposed the Franciscan Spirituals  
John XXIII  
      n   original name Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. 1881--1963, pope (1958--63). He promoted ecumenism and world peace and summoned the second Vatican Council (1962--65)  
John Barleycorn  
Usually humorous   the personification of alcoholic drink, esp. of malt spirits  
John Birch Society  
      n     (U.S. politics)   a fanatical right-wing association organized along semisecret lines to fight Communism  
     (C20: named after John Birch (killed by Chinese communists 1945), American USAF captain whom its members regarded as the first cold-war casualty)  
John Bull  
1    a personification of England or the English people  
2    a typical Englishman  
     (C18: name of a character intended to be representative of the English nation in The History of John Bull (1712) by John Arbuthnot)  
  John Bullish      adj  
  John Bullishness      n  
  John Bullism      n  
John Chrysostom  
      n   Saint. ?345--407 a.d., Greek bishop and theologian; one of the Fathers of the Greek Church, noted for his eloquence. Feast day: Sept. 13  
John Doe  
      n      See       Doe  
John Dory  
      n   a European dory (the fish), Zeus faber, having a deep compressed body, spiny dorsal fins, and massive mobile jaws  
     (C18: from proper name John + dory1; on the model of Doe)  
John Hancock  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   a person's signature  
put your John Hancock on this form        (Also called)    John Henry  
     (after John Hancock, from his clear and legible signature on the American Declaration of Independence)  
John Hop  
      n     (Austral)  
slang   a policeman  
     (rhyming slang for cop1)  
John of Austria  
      n   called Don John. 1547--78, Spanish general: defeated the Turks at Lepanto (1571)  
John of Damascus  
      n   Saint. ?675--749 a.d., Syrian theologian, who defended the veneration of icons and images against the iconoclasts. Feast day: Dec. 4  
John of Gaunt  
      n   Duke of Lancaster. 1340--99, son of Edward III: virtual ruler of England during the last years of his father's reign and during Richard II's minority  
     (Gaunt, variant of Ghent, where he was born)  
John of Leyden  
      n   original name Jan Bockelson. ?1509--36, Dutch Anabaptist leader. He established a theocracy in Münster (1534) but was tortured to death after the city was recaptured (1535) by its prince bishop  
John of Salisbury  
      n   died 1180, English ecclesiastic and scholar; bishop of Chartres (1176--80). He supported Thomas à Becket against Henry II  
John of the Cross  
      n   Saint. original name Juan de Yepis y Alvarez. 1542--91, Spanish Carmelite monk, poet, and mystic. He founded the Discalced Carmelites with Saint Teresa (1568). Feast day: Dec. 14  
John o'Groats  
      n   a village at the northeasternmost tip of the Scottish mainland: considered to be the northernmost point of the mainland of Great Britain although Dunnet Head, slightly to the west, lies further north  
   See also       Land's End  
John Paul I  
      n   original name Albino Luciani. 1912--78, pope (1978) whose brief 33-day reign was characterized by a simpler papal style and anticipated an emphasis on pastoral rather than administrative priorities  
John Paul II  
      n   original name Karol Wojtyla. born 1920, pope from 1978, born in Poland: the first non-Italian to be elected since 1522  
John the Baptist  
Saint     (New Testament)   the son of Zacharias and Elizabeth and the cousin and forerunner of Jesus, whom he baptized. He was beheaded by Herod (Matthew 14:1--2). Feast day: June 24  
John Thomas  
Slang      a taboo name for       penis  
Little John  
      n   one of Robin Hood's companions, noted for his great size and strength  
Prester John  
      n   a legendary Christian priest and king, believed in the Middle Ages to have ruled in the Far East, but identified in the 14th century with the king of Ethiopia  
     (C14 Prestre Johan, from Medieval Latin presbyter Iohannes Priest John)  
Saint John  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St John  
1    a port in E Canada, at the mouth of the St John River: the largest city in New Brunswick. Pop.: 90457 (1991)  
2    an island in the Caribbean, in the Virgin Islands of the U.S. Pop.: 3504 (1990). Area: 49 sq. km (19 sq. miles)  
3    Lake. a lake in Canada, in S Quebec: drained by the Saguenay River. Area: 971 sq. km (375 sq. miles)  
4    a river in E North America, rising in Maine, U.S., and flowing northeast to New Brunswick, Canada, then generally southeast to the Bay of Fundy. Length: 673 km (418 miles)  
Saint-John Perse  
      n      See (Saint-John)       Perse  
Saint John's  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St John's  
1    a port in Canada, capital of Newfoundland, on the E coast of the Avalon Peninsula. Pop.: 95770 (1991)  
2    the capital of Antigua and Barbuda: a port on the NW coast of the island of Antigua. Pop.: 21514 (1991)  
Saint John's bread  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St John's bread      another name for       carob       2  
     (C16: so called because its beans were thought to be the ``locusts'' that John the Baptist ate in the desert)  
Saint John's wort  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St John's wort   any of numerous shrubs or herbaceous plants of the temperate genus Hypericum, such as H. perforatum, having yellow flowers and glandular leaves: family Hypericaceae  
   See also       rose of Sharon       1       tutsan  
     (C15: so named because it was traditionally gathered on Saint John's Eve (June 23rd) as a protection against evil spirits)  
St John  
      n      Henry. See (1st Viscount)       Bolingbroke  

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Phrase used when someone has brought all the evidences to support his point of view; "I'm done with explanations"
I can't understand it, I can't believe it, I can't accept it
me too
abbr. acron.
I don't give a fuck
abbr. acron.
Short for "today I learned".
[Fam.];[Slang] When you learn about information that isn’t new but is novel for you, share it with the world by adding a “TIL”.
abbr. acron.
Short for "I love you".
abbr. acron.
Short for "I don't know".
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