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      n   Saint. 4th-century a.d. bishop of Myra, in Asia Minor; patron saint of Russia and of children, sailors, merchants, and pawnbrokers. Feast day: Dec. 6  
   See also       Santa Claus  

Nicholas I  
1    Saint, called the Great. died 867 a.d., Italian ecclesiastic; pope (858--867). He championed papal supremacy. Feast day: Nov. 13  
2    1796--1855, tsar of Russia (1825--55). He gained notoriety for his autocracy and his emphasis on military discipline and bureaucracy  
Nicholas II  
      n   1868--1918, tsar of Russia (1894--1917). After the disastrous Russo-Japanese War (1904--05), he was forced to summon a representative assembly, but his continued autocracy and incompetence precipitated the Russian Revolution (1917): he abdicated and was shot  
Nicholas V  
      n   original name Tommaso Parentucelli. 1397--1455, Italian ecclesiastic; pope (1447--55). He helped to found the Vatican Library  
Nicholas of Cusa  
      n   1401--64, German cardinal, philosopher, and mathematician: anticipated Copernicus in asserting that the earth revolves around the sun  
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