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1    a landlocked republic in West Africa: important since earliest times for its trans-Saharan trade routes; made a French colony in 1922 and became fully independent in 1960; exports peanuts and livestock. Official language: French. Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: franc. Capital: Niamey. Pop.: 9672000 (1998 est.). Area: 1267000 sq. km (489000 sq. miles)  
2    a river in West Africa, rising in S Guinea and flowing in a great northward curve through Mali, then southwest through Niger and Nigeria to the Gulf of Guinea: the third longest river in Africa, with the largest delta, covering an area of 36260 sq. km (14000 sq. miles). Length: 4184 km (2600 miles)  
3    a state of W central Nigeria, formed in 1976 from part of North-Western State. Capital: Minna. Pop.: 2775526 (1995 est.). Area: 76363 sq. km (29476 sq. miles)  
  Nigerien      adj, n  

1    a family of languages of Africa consisting of the Bantu languages together with most of the languages of the coastal regions of West Africa. The chief branches are Benue-Congo (including Bantu), Kwa, Mande, and West Atlantic  
2    relating to or belonging to this family of languages  
Niger seed  
      n      another name for       ramtil       2  
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