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1    a county of E England, on the North Sea and the Wash: low-lying, with large areas of fens in the west and the Broads in the east; rich agriculturally. Administrative centre: Norwich. Pop.: 768500 (1994 est.). Area: 5368 sq. km (2072 sq. miles)  
2    a port in SE Virginia, on the Elizabeth River and Hampton Roads: headquarters of the U.S. Atlantic fleet; shipbuilding. Pop.: 233430 (1996 est.)  

Norfolk Island  
      n   an island in the S Pacific, between New Caledonia and N New Zealand: an Australian external territory; discovered by Captain Cook in 1774; a penal settlement in early years. Pop.: 2665 (1993). Area: 36 sq. km (14 sq. miles)  
Norfolk jacket  
      n   a man's single-breasted belted jacket with one or two chest pockets and a box pleat down the back  
     (C19: worn in Norfolk for duck shooting)  
Norfolk terrier  
      n   a small wiry-coated breed of terrier having a short tail and pendent ears  
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