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O level


      n     (formerly, in Britain)  
a    the basic level of the General Certificate of Education, now replaced by GCSE  
b    (as modifier)  
O level maths     
2    a pass in a particular subject at O level  
he has eight O levels        (Formal name)    Ordinary level  
Diccionario de inglés definición  
1    on a horizontal plane  
2    having a surface of completely equal height  
3    being of the same height as something else  
4    (of quantities to be measured, as in recipes) even with the top of the cup, spoon, etc.  
5    equal to or even with (something or someone else)  
6    not having or showing inconsistency or irregularities  
7      (Also)    level-headed   even-tempered; steady  
      vb   , -els, -elling, -elled  
     (U.S.)   , -els, -eling, -eled  
8    tr; sometimes foll by: off   to make (a surface) horizontal, level, or even  
9    to make (two or more people or things) equal, as in position or status  
10    tr   to raze to the ground  
11    tr   to knock (a person) down by or as if by a blow  
12    tr   to direct (a gaze, criticism, etc.) emphatically at someone  
13    intr; often foll by: with  
Informal   to be straightforward and frank  
14    intr; foll by: off or out   to manoeuvre an aircraft into a horizontal flight path after a dive, climb, or glide  
15    often foll by: at   to aim (a weapon) horizontally  
16      (Surveying)   to determine the elevation of a section of (land), sighting through a levelling instrument to a staff at successive pairs or points  
17    a horizontal datum line or plane  
18    a device, such as a spirit level, for determining whether a surface is horizontal  
19    a surveying instrument consisting basically of a telescope with a spirit level attached, used for measuring relative heights of land  
   See       Abney level       dumpy level  
20    a reading of the difference in elevation of two points taken with such an instrument  
21    position or status in a scale of values  
22    amount or degree of progress; stage  
23    a specified vertical position; altitude  
24    a horizontal line or plane with respect to which measurement of elevation is based  
sea level     
25    a flat even surface or area of land  
26    a horizontal passage or drift in a mine  
27    any of the successive layers of material that have been deposited with the passage of time to build up and raise the height of the land surface  
28      (Physics)   the ratio of the magnitude of a physical quantity to an arbitrary magnitude  
sound-pressure level     
29    do one's level best   to make every possible effort; try one's utmost  
30    find one's level   to find one's most suitable place socially, professionally, etc.  
31    on a level   on the same horizontal plane as another  
32    on the level  
Informal   sincere, honest, or genuine  
     (C14: from Old French livel, from Vulgar Latin libellum (unattested), from Latin libella, diminutive of libra scales)  
  levelly      adv  
  levelness      n  

Abney level  
      n   a surveying instrument consisting of a spirit level and a sighting tube, used to measure the angle of inclination of a line from the observer to another point  
     (C20: named after Sir William Abney (1843--1920), British chemist and physicist)  
Advanced level  
      n      (in Britain) the formal name for       A level  
A level  
      n     (in Britain)  
a    the advanced level of a subject taken for General Certificate of Education (GCE)  
b    (as modifier)  
A level maths     
2    a pass in a particular subject at A level  
she has three A levels     
AS level  
      n     (Brit)  
a    an advanced level of a subject taken for the General Certificate of Education, with a smaller course content than an A level  
b    (as modifier)  
AS-level English     
2    a pass in a subject at AS level  
I've got three AS levels     
bargaining level  
      n   the level within an organizational hierarchy, such as company level, national level, etc., at which collective bargaining takes place  
base level  
      n   the lowest level to which a land surface can be eroded by streams, which is, ultimately, sea level  
confidence level  
      n     (Statistics)   a measure of the reliability of a result. A confidence level of 95 per cent or 0.95 means that there is a probability of at least 95 per cent that the result is reliable  
   Compare       significance       4  
dumpy level  
      n     (Surveying)   a levelling instrument consisting of a horizontal telescope with various rotational arrangements and a spirit level  
energy level  
      n     (Physics)  
1    a constant value of energy in the distribution of energies among a number of atomic particles  
2    the energy of a quantum state of a system. The terms energy level and energy state are often used loosely to mean quantum state. This is avoided in precise communication  
1    (of a job or worker) at the most elementary level in a career structure  
2    (of a product) characterized by being at the most appropriate level for use by a beginner  
an entry-level camera     
flight level  
      n     (Aeronautics)   a specified height at which an aircraft is allowed to fly  
fog level  
      n   the density produced by the development of photographic materials that have not been exposed to light or other actinic radiation. It forms part of the characteristic curve of a particular material  
      adj   (of conferences, talks, etc.) involving very important people  
high-level language  
      n   a computer programming language that resembles natural language or mathematical notation and is designed to reflect the requirements of a problem; examples include Ada, BASIC, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal  
   See also       machine code  
high-level waste  
      n   radioactive waste material, such as spent nuclear fuel, having a high activity and thus needing constant cooling for several decades by its producers before it can be disposed of  
   Compare       intermediate-level waste       low-level waste  
intermediate-level waste  
      n   radioactive waste material, such as reactor and processing-plant components, that is solidified before being mixed with concrete and stored in steel drums in deep mines or beneath the seabed in concrete chambers  
   Compare       high-level waste       low-level waste  
level crossing  
      n     (Brit)   a point at which a railway and a road cross, esp. one with barriers that close the road when a train is scheduled to pass,   (U.S. and Canadian name)    grade crossing  
level descriptor  
      n     (Brit. education)   one of a set of criteria used to assess the performance of a pupil in a particular subject  
      adj   even-tempered, balanced, and reliable; steady  
  level-headedly      adv  
  level-headedness      n  
level of attainment  
      n     (Brit. education)   one of ten groupings, each with its own attainment criteria based on pupil age and ability, within which a pupil is assessed  
level pegging     (Brit)  
1    equality between two contestants  
2    (of two contestants) equal  
level playing field  
      n   a situation in which none of the competing parties has an advantage at the outset of a competitive activity  
logic level  
      n   the voltage level representing one or zero in an electronic logic circuit  
low-level language  
      n   a computer programming language that is closer to machine language than to human language  
   Compare       high-level language  
low-level waste  
      n   waste material contaminated by traces of radioactivity that can be disposed of in steel drums in concrete-lined trenches but not (since 1983) in the sea  
   Compare       high-level waste       intermediate-level waste  
mean sea level  
      n   (in the United Kingdom) the sea level used by the Ordnance Survey as a datum level, determined at Newlyn in Cornwall  
   See       sea level  
O level  
      n     (formerly, in Britain)  
a    the basic level of the General Certificate of Education, now replaced by GCSE  
b    (as modifier)  
O level maths     
2    a pass in a particular subject at O level  
he has eight O levels        (Formal name)    Ordinary level  
Ordinary level  
      n      (in Britain) the formal name for       O level  
reduced level  
      n     (Surveying)   calculated elevation in relation to a particular datum  
sea level  
      n   the level of the surface of the sea with respect to the land, taken to be the mean level between high and low tide, and used as a standard base for measuring heights and depths  
S level  
      n     (Brit)   the Special level of a subject taken for the General Certificate of Education: usually taken at the same time as A levels as an additional qualification  
spirit level  
      n   a device for setting horizontal surfaces, consisting of an accurate block of material in which a sealed slightly curved tube partially filled with liquid is set so that the air bubble rests between two marks on the tube when the block is horizontal  
      adj   (of a house, room, etc.) having the floor level of one part about half a storey above or below the floor level of an adjoining part  
subsistence level  
      n   a standard of living barely adequate to support life  
surveyor's level  
      n      another term for       level       19  
      n   modifier   of, involving, or by those on the highest level of influence or authority  
top-level talks     
true level  
      n   a hypothetical surface that is perpendicular at every point to the plumb line, such as the mean sea level or geoid  
a still liquid surface is at true level     
water level  
1    the level reached by the surface of a body of water  
2    the water line of a boat or ship  
      n     (Surveying)   a level mounted on a Y-shaped support that can be rotated  

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1    as flat as a pancake, consistent, even, flat, horizontal, plain, plane, smooth, uniform  
2    aligned, balanced, commensurate, comparable, equal, equivalent, even, flush, in line, neck and neck, on a line, on a par, proportionate  
3    calm, equable, even, even-tempered, stable, steady  
4    even off or out, flatten, make flat, plane, smooth  
5    bulldoze, demolish, destroy, devastate, equalize, flatten, knock down, lay low, pull down, raze, smooth, tear down, wreck  
6    aim, beam, direct, focus, point, train  
7      (informal)   be above board, be frank, be honest, be open, be straightforward, be up front     (slang)   come clean     (informal)   keep nothing back  
8    altitude, elevation, height, vertical position  
9    achievement, degree, grade, position, rank, stage, standard, standing, status  
10    bed, floor, layer, storey, stratum, zone  
11    flat surface, horizontal, plain, plane  
12    on the level        (informal)   above board, fair, genuine, honest, open, sincere, square, straight, straightforward, up front     (slang)  
,       adj  
1    bumpy, hilly, slanted, tilted, uneven, vertical, warped  
2    above, below  
5    build, erect, raise, roughen  

balanced, calm, collected, composed, cool, dependable, even-tempered, reasonable, sane, self-possessed, sensible, steady, together     (slang)   unflappable     (informal)  

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