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Ordinary grade


      n      (in Scotland) the formal name for       O grade  
Diccionario de inglés definición  
O grade  
      n     (formerly, in Scotland)  
a    the basic level of the Scottish Certificate of Education, now replaced by Standard Grade  
b    (as modifier)  
O grade history     
2    a pass in a particular subject at O grade  
she has ten O grades        (Formal name)    Ordinary grade         

Diccionario de inglés definición  

1    of common or established type or occurrence  
2    familiar, everyday, or unexceptional  
3    uninteresting or commonplace  
4    having regular or ex officio jurisdiction  
an ordinary judge     
5      (Maths)   (of a differential equation) containing two variables only and derivatives of one of the variables with respect to the other  
      n   pl   , -naries  
6    a common or average situation, amount, or degree (esp. in the phrase out of the ordinary)  
7    a normal or commonplace person or thing  
8      (Civil law)   a judge who exercises jurisdiction in his own right  
9    usually cap   an ecclesiastic, esp. a bishop, holding an office to which certain jurisdictional powers are attached  
10      (R.C. Church)  
a    the parts of the Mass that do not vary from day to day  
   Compare       proper       13  
b    a prescribed form of divine service, esp. the Mass  
11       the U.S. name for       penny-farthing  
12      (Heraldry)   any of several conventional figures, such as the bend, the fesse, and the cross, commonly charged upon shields  
13      (History)   a clergyman who visited condemned prisoners before their death  
14      (Brit)  
a    a meal provided regularly at a fixed price  
b    the inn providing such meals  
15    in ordinary     (Brit)   (used esp. in titles) in regular service or attendance  
physician in ordinary to the sovereign     
     (C16 (adj) and C13 (some n senses): ultimately from Latin ordinarius orderly, from ordo order)  

Financial Times Industrial Ordinary Share Index  
      n   an index of share prices produced by the Financial Times, designed to reflect general price trends: based on the average price of thirty British shares  
Ordinary grade  
      n      (in Scotland) the formal name for       O grade  
ordinary lay  
      n   the form of lay found in a cable-laid rope  
Ordinary level  
      n      (in Britain) the formal name for       O level  
ordinary rating  
      n   a rank in the Royal Navy comparable to that of a private in the army  
ordinary ray  
      n   the plane-polarized ray of light that obeys the laws of refraction in a doubly-refracting crystal  
   See       double refraction  
    extraordinary ray  
ordinary seaman  
      n   a seaman of the lowest rank, being insufficiently experienced to be an able-bodied seaman  
ordinary shares  
      pl n     (Brit)   shares representing part of the capital issued by a company and entitling their holders to a dividend that varies according to the prosperity of the company, to vote at all meetings of members, and to a claim on the net assets of the company, after the holders of preference shares have been paid,   (U.S. equivalent)    common stock      Compare       preference shares  
See also  
    A shares  
preferred ordinary shares  
      pl n     (Brit)   shares issued by a company that rank between preference shares and ordinary shares in the payment of dividends  
   Compare       preference shares  

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1    accustomed, banal, common, customary, established, everyday, habitual, humdrum, mundane, normal, prevailing, quotidian, regular, routine, settled, standard, stock, typical, usual, wonted  
2    common or garden     (informal)   conventional, down-to-earth, familiar, homespun, household, humble, modest, plain, prosaic, run-of-the-mill, simple, unmemorable, unpretentious, unremarkable, workaday  
3    average, commonplace, dime-a-dozen     (informal)   fair, indifferent, inferior, mean, mediocre, no great shakes     (informal)   pedestrian, second-rate, stereotyped, undistinguished, unexceptional, uninspired, unremarkable  
4    out of the ordinary      atypical, distinguished, exceptional, exciting, extraordinary, high-calibre, imaginative, important, impressive, inspired, noteworthy, outstanding, rare, remarkable, significant, special, striking, superior, uncommon, unusual  
1, 2 & 3    distinguished, exceptional, extraordinary, important, impressive, inspired, notable, novel, outstanding, rare, significant, superior, uncommon, unconventional, unique, unusual  

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