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      n   a city in N central France, on the River Loire: famous for its deliverance by Joan of Arc from the long English siege in 1429; university (1305); an important rail and road junction. Pop.: 107965 (1990)  
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Orléans          [2]     (French)  
1    Charles (ʃarl), Duc d'Orléans. 1394--1465, French poet; noted for the poems written during his imprisonment in England; father of Louis XII  
2    Louis Philippe Joseph (lwi filip ʒozɛf), Duc d'Orléans, known as Philippe Égalité (after 1792). 1747--93, French nobleman, who supported the French Revolution and voted for the death of his cousin, Louis XVI, but was executed after his son, the future king Louis-Philippe, defected to the Austrians  

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