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Our Father


      n      another name for the       Lord's Prayer   taken from its opening words   taken from its opening words  
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Lord's Prayer  
      n   the. the prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples, as in Matthew 6:9--13, Luke 11:2--4,   (Also called)    Our Father            (esp. Latin version)   Paternoster  

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1    a male parent  
2    a person who founds a line or family; forefather  
3    any male acting in a paternal capacity  
   Related adj       paternal  
4    often cap   a respectful term of address for an old man  
5    a male who originates something  
the father of modern psychology     
6    a leader of an association, council, etc.; elder  
a city father     
7      (Brit)   the eldest or most senior member in a society, profession, etc.  
father of the House     
8    often pl   a senator or patrician in ancient Rome  
9    the father of  
Informal   a very large, severe, etc., example of a specified kind  
the father of a whipping     
      vb   tr  
10    to procreate or generate (offspring); beget  
11    to create, found, originate, etc.  
12    to act as a father to  
13    to acknowledge oneself as father or originator of  
14    foll by: on or upon   to impose or place without a just reason  
     (Old English fæder; related to Old Norse fathir, Old Frisian feder, Old High German fater, Latin pater, Greek pater, Sanskrit pitr)  
  fathering      n  

city father  
      n   a person who is active or prominent in the public affairs of a city, such as an alderman  
1    God, esp. when considered as the first person of the Christian Trinity  
2      (Also called)    Church Father   any of the writers on Christian doctrine of the pre-Scholastic period  
3    a title used for Christian priests  
Father Christmas  
      n      another name for       Santa Claus  
father confessor  
1      (Christianity)   a priest who hears confessions and advises on religious or moral matters  
2    any person to whom one tells private matters  
      n   pl   , fathers-in-law   the father of one's wife or husband  
father lasher  
      n   a large sea scorpion, Myoxocephalus scorpius, occurring in British and European coastal waters,   (Also called)    short-spined sea scorpion  
father of the chapel  
      n   (in British trade unions in the publishing and printing industries) a shop steward,   (Abbrev.)    FoC  
Father's Day  
      n   a day observed as a day in honour of fathers; in Britain the third Sunday in June  
Father Time  
      n   time personified as an old bearded man, usually carrying a scythe and an hourglass  
foster father  
      n   a man who looks after or brings up a child or children as a father, in place of the natural or adoptive father  
founding father  
      n   often caps   a person who founds or establishes an important institution, esp. a member of the U.S. Constitutional Convention (1787)  
Holy Father  
      n     (R.C. Church)   a title of the pope  
nursing father  
      n      a biblical name for       foster father  
Our Father  
      n      another name for the       Lord's Prayer   taken from its opening words   taken from its opening words  

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1    begetter, dad     (informal)   daddy     (informal)   governor     (informal)   old boy     (informal)   old man     (informal)   pa     (informal)   papa     (old-fashioned informal)   pater, paterfamilias, patriarch, pop     (informal)   sire  
2    ancestor, forebear, forefather, predecessor, progenitor  
3    architect, author, creator, founder, inventor, maker, originator, prime mover  
4    city father, elder, leader, patriarch, patron, senator  
5    abbé, confessor, curé, padre     (informal)   pastor, priest  
6    beget, get, procreate, sire  
7    create, engender, establish, found, institute, invent, originate  

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stepmother is the woman who has married their father after the death or divorce of their mother.
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