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1    David (Anthony Llewellyn), Baron. born 1938, British politician: Labour foreign secretary (1977--79); cofounder of the Social Democratic Party (1981) and its leader (1983--87): leader (1988--92) of the section of the Social Democratic Party that did not merge with the Liberal Party in 1988; peace envoy to Bosnia-Herzegovina (1992--94)  
2    Sir Richard. 1804--92, English comparative anatomist and palaeontologist  
3    Robert. 1771--1858, Welsh industrialist and social reformer. He formed a model industrial community at New Lanark, Scotland, and pioneered cooperative societies. His books include New View of Society (1813)  
4    Wilfred. 1893--1918, English poet of World War I, who was killed in action  

Owen gun  
      n   a type of simple recoil-operated sub-machine-gun first used by Australian forces in World War II  
     (named after E. E. Owen (1915--49), its Australian inventor)  
Owen Stanley Range  
      n   a mountain range in SE New Guinea. Highest peak: Mount Victoria, 4073 m (13363 ft.)  
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