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Peninsular War


      n   the war (1808--14) fought in the Iberian Peninsula by British, Portuguese, and Spanish forces against the French, resulting in the defeat of the French: part of the Napoleonic Wars  
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      n   a narrow strip of land projecting into a sea or lake from the mainland  
     (C16: from Latin, literally: almost an island, from paene pene- + insula island)  
   peninsular             adj  
The noun peninsula is sometimes confused with the adjective peninsular: the Iberian peninsula (not peninsular)  

Alaska Peninsula  
      n   an extension of the mainland of SW Alaska between the Pacific and the Bering Sea, ending in the Aleutian Islands. Length: about 644 km (400 miles)  
Antarctic Peninsula  
      n   the largest peninsula of Antarctica, between the Weddell Sea and the Pacific: consists of Graham Land in the north and the Palmer Peninsula in the south,   (Former name (until 1964))    Palmer Peninsula  
Avalon Peninsula  
      n   a large peninsula of Newfoundland, between Trinity and Placentia Bays. Area: about 10000 sq. km (4000 sq. miles)  
Balkan Peninsula  
      n   a large peninsula in SE Europe, between the Adriatic and Aegean Seas  
Boothia Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula of N Canada: the northernmost part of the mainland of North America, lying west of the Gulf of Boothia, an arm of the Arctic Ocean  
Cape Peninsula  
      n   (in South Africa) the peninsula and the part of the mainland on which Cape Town and most of its suburbs are located  
Chukchi Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula in the extreme NE of Russia, in NE Siberia: mainly tundra,   (Also called)    Chukots Peninsula  
Delmarva Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula of the northeast U.S., between Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic  
Eyre Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula of South Australia, between the Great Australian Bight and Spencer Gulf  
Gaspé Peninsula     (French)  
      n   a peninsula in E Canada, in SE Quebec between the St Lawrence River and New Brunswick: mountainous and wooded with many lakes and rivers. Area: about 29500 sq. km (11400 sq. miles),   (Also called)    the Gaspé  
Iberian Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula of SW Europe, occupied by Spain and Portugal  
Kola Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula in NW Russia, between the Barents and White Seas: forms most of the Murmansk region. Area: about 130000 sq. km (50000 sq. miles)  
Lleyn Peninsula     (Welsh)  
      n   a peninsula in NW Wales between Cardigan Bay and Caernarvon Bay  
Luichow Peninsula  
      n      a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for       Leizhou Peninsula  
Malay Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula of SE Asia, extending south from the Isthmus of Kra in Thailand to Cape Tanjong Piai in Malaysia: consists of SW Thailand and the states of Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia),   (Ancient name)    Chersonesus Aurea  
Melville Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula of N Canada, in the Northwest Territories, between the Gulf of Boothia and Foxe Basin  
Olympic Peninsula  
      n   a large peninsula of W Washington  
Palmer Peninsula  
      n      the former name (until 1964) for the       Antarctic Peninsula  
      n      the. short for the       Iberian Peninsula  
Seward Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula of W Alaska, on the Bering Strait. Length: about 290 km (180 miles)  
Taimyr Peninsula     (Russian)  
      n   a large peninsula of N central Russia, between the Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea,   (Also called)    Taymyr Peninsula  
Taymyr Peninsula  
      n      a variant spelling of       Taimyr Peninsula  
Upper Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula in the northern U.S. between Lakes Superior and Michigan, constituting the N part of the state of Michigan  
Yorke Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula in South Australia, between Spencer Gulf and St Vincent Gulf: mainly agricultural with several coastal resorts  

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