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Old-fashioned informal   short for sanatorium (esp. sense 3)  

Alcazar de San Juan

      n   a town in S central Spain: associated with Cervantes and Don Quixote. Pop.: 25679 (1991)  
Aung San Suu Kyi  
      n   born 1945, Burmese politician; cofounder (1988) and general secretary (1988--91) and from 1995 of the National League for Democracy: Nobel peace prize 1991  
San   [1]  
      n   a group of the Khoisan languages, spoken mostly by Bushmen  
San   [2]  
      n   a river in E central Europe, rising in the W Ukraine and flowing northwest across SE Poland to the Vistula River. Length: about 450 km (280 miles)  
San`a   , Sanaa  
      n   the administrative capital of Yemen, on the central plateau at an altitude of 2350 m (7700 ft.): formerly the capital of North Yemen. Pop.: 972000 (1995 est.)  
San Antonio  
      n   a city in S Texas: site of the Alamo; the leading town in Texas until about 1930. Pop.: 1067816 (1996 est.)  
  San Antonian      adj, n  
San Bernardino  
      n   a city in SE California: founded in 1851 by Mormons from Salt Lake City. Pop.: 183474 (1996 est.)  
San Bernardino Pass  
      n   a pass over the Lepontine Alps in SE Switzerland. Highest point: 2062 m (6766 ft.)  
San Blas  
1    Isthmus of. the narrowest part of the Isthmus of Panama. Width: about 50 km (30 miles)  
2    Gulf of. an inlet of the Caribbean on the N coast of Panama  
San Cristóbal     (Spanish)  
1      (Also called)    Chatham Island   an island in the Pacific, in the Galápagos Islands. Area: 505 sq. km (195 sq. miles)  
2    a city in SW Venezuela: founded in 1561 by Spanish conquistadores. Pop.: 220675 (1990)  
San Diego  
      n   a port in S California, on the Pacific: naval base; two universities. Pop.: 1171121 (1996 est.)  
San Fernando     (Spanish)  
1    a port in Trinidad and Tobago, on Trinidad on the Gulf of Paria: the second-largest town in the country. Pop.: 30100 (1990)  
2    an inland port in W Venezuela, on the Apure River. Pop.: 84179 (1989 est.),   (Official name)    San Fernando de Apure  
3    a port in SW Spain, on the Isla de León SE of Cádiz; site of an arsenal (founded 1790) and of the most southerly observatory in Europe. Pop.: 85191 (1991)  
San Francisco  
      n   a port in W California, situated around the Golden Gate: developed rapidly during the California gold rush; a major commercial centre and one of the world's finest harbours. Pop.: 734676 (1994 est.)  
  San Franciscan      n, adj  
San Francisco Bay  
      n   an inlet of the Pacific in W California, linked with the open sea by the Golden Gate strait. Length: about 80 km (50 miles). Greatest width: 19 km (12 miles)  
San Ildefonso     (Spanish)  
      n   a town in central Spain, near Segovia: site of the 18th-century summer palace of the kings of Spain,   (Also called)    La Granja  
San Jose  
      n   a city in W central California: a leading world centre of the fruit drying and canning industry. Pop.: 838744 (1996 est.)  
San José     (Spanish)  
      n   the capital of Costa Rica, on the central plateau: a major centre of coffee production in the mid-19th century; University of Costa Rica (1843). Pop.: 329154 (1997 est.)  
San Jose scale  
      n   a small E Asian homopterous insect, Quadraspidiotus perniciosus, introduced into the U.S. and other countries, where it has become a serious pest of fruit trees: family Diaspididae  
     (C20: from its first being seen in the United States at San Jose, California)  
San Juan     (Spanish)  
1    the capital and chief port of Puerto Rico, on the NE coast; University of Puerto Rico; manufacturing centre. Pop.: 433705 (1996 est.)  
2    a city in W Argentina: almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1944. Pop.: 352691 (1991)  
San Juan Bautista     (Spanish)  
      n      the former name of       Villahermosa  
San Juan Islands  
      pl n   a group of islands between NW Washington, U.S., and SE Vancouver Island, Canada: administratively part of Washington  
San Juan Mountains  
      pl n   a mountain range in SW Colorado and N New Mexico: part of the Rocky Mountains. Highest peak: Uncompahgre Peak, 4363 m (14314 ft.)  
San Luis Potosí     (Spanish)  
1    a state of central Mexico: mainly high plateau; economy based on mining (esp. silver) and agriculture. Capital: San Luis Potosí. Pop.: 2191712 (1995 est.). Area: 62849 sq. km (24266 sq. miles)  
2    an industrial city in central Mexico, capital of San Luis Potosí state, at an altitude of 1850 m (6000 ft.). Pop.: 488238 (1990)  
San Marino  
      n   a republic in S central Europe in the Apennines, forming an enclave in Italy: the smallest republic in Europe, according to tradition founded by St Marinus in the 4th century. Official language: Italian. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: lira. Capital: San Marino. Pop.: 26100 (1998 est.). Area: 62 sq. km (24 sq. miles)  
  San Marinese  
  Sammarinese      adj, n  
San Martín     (Spanish)  
      n   José de (xo'se de). 1778--1850, South American patriot, who played an important part in gaining independence for Argentina, Chile, and Peru. He was protector of Peru (1821--22)  
San Pedro Sula     (Spanish)  
      n   a city in NW Honduras: the country's chief industrial centre. Pop.: 383900 (1995 est.)  
San Remo     (Italian)  
      n   a port and resort in NW Italy, in Liguria on the slopes of the Maritime Alps; flower market. Pop.: 60800 (1987 est.)  
San Salvador     (Spanish)  
      n   the capital of El Salvador, situated in the SW central part: became capital in 1841; ruined by earthquakes in 1854 and 1873; university (1841). Pop.: 422570 (1992)  
San Salvador Island  
      n   an island in the central Bahamas: the first land in the New World seen by Christopher Columbus (1492). Area: 156 sq. km (60 sq. miles),   (Also called)    Watling Island  
San Sebastián     (Spanish)  
      n   a port and resort in N Spain on the Bay of Biscay: former summer residence of the Spanish court. Pop.: 169933 (1991)  
San Stefano  
      n   a village in NW Turkey, near Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara: scene of the signing (1878) of the treaty ending the Russo-Turkish War,   (Turkish name)    Yesilköy  
San Suu Kyi  
      n      See       Aung San Suu Kyi  
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San          [1]  
      n   a group of the Khoisan languages, spoken mostly by Bushmen  

Diccionario de inglés definición  

San          [2]  
      n   a river in E central Europe, rising in the W Ukraine and flowing northwest across SE Poland to the Vistula River. Length: about 450 km (280 miles)  

Diccionario de inglés definición  

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