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      n   a city in E South Africa: developed around a coal mine established in 1885 and later became a major world gold-mining centre, now with uranium extraction. Pop.: 68235 (1985)  

Alice Springs  
      n   a town in central Australia, in the Northern Territory, in the Macdonnell Ranges. Pop.: 24852 (1994),   (Former name (until 1931))    Stuart  
Colorado Springs  
      n   a city and resort in central Colorado. Pop.: 345127 (1996 est.)  
Palm Springs  
      n   a city in the U.S., in California: a popular tourist resort. Pop.: 40181 (1990)  
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1    bounce, bound, hop, jump, leap, rebound, recoil, vault  
2      (often with)       from   arise, be derived, be descended, come, derive, descend, emanate, emerge, grow, issue, originate, proceed, start, stem  
3      (with)       up   appear, burgeon, come into existence or being, develop, mushroom, shoot up  
4    bound, buck, hop, jump, leap, saltation, vault  
5    bounce, bounciness, buoyancy, elasticity, flexibility, give     (informal)   recoil, resilience, springiness  
6    beginning, cause, fount, fountainhead, origin, root, source, well, wellspring  
7      (of the season)   springlike, vernal  

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light snowfall during spring
When something is 'in the air', it means something exciting or significant is taking place or about to happen. Ex.: Spring is in the air - it's time for change!
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